Recent Work

Footloose Sports


I started working with Footloose Sports, the top outdoor gear store in Mammoth Lakes, CA, on their marketing efforts several years ago.

Our first step was working together to create a 40-page comprehensive marketing plan. They were preparing to hire a marketing assistant for the first time and knew they needed a comprehensive marketing resource to help with onboarding and job success.

The marketing plan allowed their new employee to hit the ground running, and it built a solid foundation for a comprehensive website redesign the next year.

When the right time came, we ditched Weebly and built Footloose a beautiful new site on Squarespace that included a basic online store so they could conduct their annual end-of-season bike sale online and start selling skis that winter. This new site allowed Footloose to step into e-commerce and served as a low-investment interim site while we continued to figure out what the business needed most in a new website.

With this already in place, Footloose Sports was well-equipped to increase online sales when the world shut down in 2020. The planned bike sale and ski sales went smoothly, and we’re continuing work toward a more substantial e-commerce website build as they continue to grow. Squarespace has been a perfect stepping stone between Weebly and their future e-commerce website, especially in its ease of use and small learning curve for in-house employees to manage inventory.

Business impact: three months after the site launched, monthly users & sessions were up 50 to 200% over monthly numbers on the old website. Bounce rate, session duration, pageviews, and pages per session all improved greatly as well.

Mammoth Real Estate Blog


Paul Oster has run the Mammoth Real Estate Blog for years, and his website was long overdue for an overhaul. The site’s content was in good shape (robust blog posts shared every week or so), but it had a dated look, no consistent branding, and unclear/cluttered calls to action.

Additionally, Paul was running another site for his real estate business, but this site had little traffic and a totally different brand. It wasn’t clear that Paul owned and ran both sites.

We started where I start with most clients: creating a brief marketing plan/framework to determine his ideal client, brand voice, and website goals.

The old Mammoth Real Estate Blog website

Through this planning process, we determined establishing a brand for the blog and his popular bi-weekly email newsletter was a step we needed to work with a professional graphic designer on.

While I built Paul’s website, a graphic designer worked directly with Paul and I to define the visual brand, create a logo, and choose a color palette to bring the Mammoth Real Estate Blog to life.

I implemented the new branding and finalized the design to launch quickly. For businesses with outdated websites (especially those with a poor user experience), I recommend launching ASAP and then continuing to work on new features post-launch.

The new Mammoth Real Estate Blog website — the color palette was inspired by the alpenglow seen at sunrise and sunset on the mountains surrounding Mammoth.

After launching, we transferred and redirected all content from his other site so all potential clients and readers landed on the new Mammoth Real Estate Blog website and knew they were in the right place.

Business impact: Year over year, users, sessions, and pageviews on the site are all up 50-100%. Post-launch, average session duration went up 19%, bounce rate went down 9%, and pages per session went up 30%. Paul is busier than he’s ever been, has been growing his email newsletter subscriber list, and often hears positive comments from his blog readers (who often become clients).

The ongoing process has been fantastic. Don’t expect it done overnight. Websites don’t come together this way. It is a process and Jessica has a great feel for the process.

– Paul Oster

Perfect Clean Inc.


Sometimes website projects are simple, fast and easy. This basic brochure website was as seamless to put together as a website can be.

After Perfect Clean Inc. upgraded to nicely wrapped vehicles (and had to stop taking new clients because they were so full), they decided they wanted to be more picky about the clients they took on. But they had to improve their online appearance before that could happen.

Their (smart) answer was to replace their multiple-years-old “website coming soon…” landing page with a simple but well-functioning website. They just needed to tell people what they do, show a few pictures, and encourage people to contact them to get on their waitlist.

With all the content (logo, images, text) ready to go, a website like this can be assembled and launched in just a few days.

Business impact: They’ve had increased requests for service since the website was created and are happy to get to pick and choose which clients are a perfect fit for their business.

Ground Up Climbing Guides & Skin Up Ski Tours


After a couple years running a climbing guide company (Ground Up Climbing Guides), Clay Tyson started a backcountry ski guiding company to complement his summer business — Skin Up Ski Tours.

He built his Ground Up website himself on Weebly a few years prior, and after some consulting discussions on that website, he knew he needed a more professional solution for his Skin Up website and eventually for his Ground Up website.

We worked together to figure out what his website needed to work for him and what his future clients needed to see to know, like, and trust (see: book) him and his ski guides.

Planning on a client base of Los Angeles and San Francisco young professionals, we knew the site needed to look good and be super easy to navigate and engage with. We didn’t want it to have any of that mountain “charm”/dysfunction many local business websites have.

Squarespace was a super easy platform for Clay to handle on his own after I built the site. With limited budget and a seasonal business, he wanted to avoid recurring costs beyond Squarespace’s monthly plan.

After building the Skin Up website, it was clear Clay’s old DIY Weebly site for Ground Up wasn’t going to cut it in comparison. He wanted the brands to be clearly connected, and linking the Ground Up site from the Skin Up site felt a bit embarrassing.

So we mirrored the Skin Up site for a new site for Ground Up, tweaking things as needed for the different client audiences, and created a second site with complementary branding, layout, and user experience so Clay can be proud of both websites — and manage them both easily on his own.

Business impact: Clay has gotten more inquiries than in previous years (including a few from Google, even without concentrated SEO work) and has entered the backcountry ski guiding market with a professional reputation and appearance, which has helped people trust him and his company.

Professional partnerships are critical to any business, but particularly a new business. My partnership with Jessica has proven to be a bargain.

– Clay Tyson