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a website you can feel proud of

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A clear path to a thoughtfully-designed website.

I create WordPress and Squarespace websites that are beautiful, high functioning, crafted for your ideal client, and easy for you to manage. This means you can hand off your website build to spend more time doing whatever you love doing. My process is collaborative, and I guide you every step of the way.

Website Design Services


Website Planning Workshops

I believe in thoughtful, intentional, well-built websites, which come to life best after a strategic planning process. Website planning workshops are required for all but the simplest website builds.

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Strategic Website Design

Website design projects come in all shapes and sizes, and I quote each project to meet your specific needs. A strategic website that works hard for your business starts at $4,500, but I also offer a simple starter website package for new businesses for $2,800.

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Various Costs

Add-Ons: SEO, Copywriting, & Branding

All of my websites are built with SEO in mind, but we can add on more intentional foundational SEO work, collaborative copywriting, or branding work from a logo or an existing set of brand guidelines.

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My Website Standards

Websites should be accessible to everyone

A great user experience is more important than a unique design

Websites should be built with SEO in mind from the start

What benefits SEO usually benefits accessibility and all users

Websites should follow tried and true best practices

You should fully own your website and have full control over it

Website owners should know how their site works and how users interact with it

Websites should let users know what data they’re collecting and how they’re using it

A great website can be built on any platform, but choosing the right one can make your life easier

Not sure what you need? Not the right time?

Redesigning your website is a big investment of time, money and energy. I often recommend people who are on the fence start with a website audit to find where the main issues are before diving in. Start with a website audit or subscribe to my monthly email newsletter.