Website Design

You can build your own website, or you can go for a hike.

I design and build websites for smart small business owners who love calling in expert backup. My clients are intentional with their time, energy and money and know that outsourcing can be a brilliant business decision — and can give them more time to do more of what they love.

While many website designers stick to the visual side of things, I prefer to guide my clients through the dark weeds of web design. Call me a jack of all trades, but my clients love that they can call on me with a wide variety of questions across the digital marketing spectrum. If we work on a web design project, we’ll definitely touch on modern design, powerful copywriting, intentional content strategy, intuitive SEO and a seamless user experience.

What I Do

I help you avoid falling into the black hole of web design trial and error. Instead, we make use of my time spent in trial and error for dozens of small businesses and get you on the right track from the get-go. This means getting you on the right website platform, talking about content strategy and website user experience (UX), and determining where to best spend your money, time and energy. We talk about your needs, I build your website, and then we stay connected or go separate ways.

What I Don't Do

I don’t have Mad-Men-style quippy copywriting skills — my writing is approachable and straightforward. My coding skills are broad instead of deep, so any extensive coding will mean we need to call in a website developer. I dabble in e-commerce but I'm not an e-comm expert. I don’t do logo design or full branding guidelines (colors, fonts, etc.), but I have contacts who are amazing at both. What I can’t do for you, I can connect you to or manage as an add-on through our work.

Website Design Pricing

Each website project I take on is individually quoted and scoped based on your specific needs. I like to give you exactly what you need (nothing more and nothing less) so I don’t currently offer set packages.

WordPress website builds start at $2,000. Squarespace website builds start at $1,600. I occasionally build sites on Wix, ShowIt, Shopify and Webflow, and prices vary for those platforms

Jessica has a special knack for listening to the client’s needs and vision and making them come to life. Her thoughtfulness and willingness to try new things is refreshing.

- Steff Gallante

Web Design Client

How It Works

The timeline of a web design project depends on your timing for collaboration and my current client schedule. Most websites take 4 to 8 weeks from contract signing to launch.

I’m currently onboarding clients for June, July & August website builds.

My work with web design clients starts with an intro form so we can learn a bit about each other before we set up a meeting. I love meeting new potential clients, but there’s no reason to waste your time if I’m not the right helper for you.

We’ll set up an initial meeting (via Zoom or phone for now) to talk about your website and overall marketing efforts — what’s working, what’s not, what you’re dreaming of, what’s causing you a headache and what lights you up. We’ll also discuss your website platform of choice, or I’ll guide you to one based on your needs. Sometimes I’ll send you off to fly on your own if you feel up for it.

If you’re not familiar with the tech side of web design, I may have a few questions to investigate on my own after our meeting. I may ask for your website login or access to your Google Analytics account. This ensures the quote and scope of work hit the nail on the head.

Once I have a good grasp of the project scope, I’ll send you a proposal/quote, usually with a few service options. You’ll let me know what works for you, then I’ll send you a contract to sign so we can get started.

We don’t need to build out a full-on marketing plan, but outlining your ideal client and brand voice will make sure the new website copy hits home for your audience.

We’ll start by gathering inspiration and creating a shared vision for the website design. If you need help crafting a logo or an overall brand, I’ll connect you with one of my favorite graphic designers.

I’ll send you a wireframe and a sitemap for your review. I’ll build a draft of the site, share it with you, then do a revision to get it just right. We’ll do additional revisions if needed. I’ll juggle everything on the back end so you don’t have to worry about anything tech-wise during the design or redesign.

I do templated WordPress and Squarespace design, but I can connect you with a website developer if more complex code is needed for the project.

When everything is ready enough (think “done is better than perfect”), we’ll launch the site. SEO and site reputation are slow to build, so I like to get sites up as quickly as possible and then tweak things later on. After the site launches, I’ll test everything. I’ll also encourage you to share it with your close network for their feedback.

My goal is to create a website that you can fully manage without me — but you don’t have to. Many of my clients continue working with me on an hourly basis as needs come up or select a monthly maintenance plan that’s a bit more structured.

Not Ready to Jump In Yet?​

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