I’m a dot connector, a storyteller, and a guide out of the woods.

When I’m not helping small business owners connect the dots, tell their stories, or get out of the woods, I’m looking for sunny reading spots with my dog, climbing rocks, trying to figure out how to ski, dreaming of owning a horse, and looking for delights. I started working for myself so I could do more of those things. I thrive when I get to help people do more of what they love.

I studied political journalism in college before working in various marketing and communications jobs. I tried hard to make the 8-5 desk job work (if you’re into resumes, here you go), but it drained me entirely, no matter how great the work was. Fortunately it gave me a good foundation to start working with businesses on a freelance/contract basis several years ago.

I’ve been told my work with clients is like therapy for their business. I love translating a vague vision into something tangible. I can take a bulleted list and turn it into a beautiful services page on your website. I’m deeply empathetic, so I can get inside your ideal customers’ heads to figure out a good plan for SEO. I love to learn, which keeps me up to date on ever-changing digital marketing best practices. I’ve worked with dozens of clients and gathered data from many trial-and-error situations to map out the landscape — and I keep on mapping.

Who I Work With

I work best in symbiotic relationships with mission-driven small business owners. I don’t work in one specific industry — I’ve worked with non-profits and businesses in travel/tourism, outdoor gear, professional services, apparel, retail, real estate, and beyond. It’s an honor to get to work with clients to develop and deliver their stories.

We’ll work best together if you have a good understanding of your business and your mission as a business owner. If you know what you need, I offer done-for-you website design, SEO and content planning. If you’re not sure what you need yet, I offer marketing consulting for small businesses. And if your business is based in Mammoth Lakes or Bishop, consulting with me is free.

I’m also a Certified California Green Business, so we’ll work well together if you care about the environment too. 🌎

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