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Foundational SEO

make sure people can find you

Make sure the right people find your website.

The world of SEO is huge, and it’s time-consuming and resource-consuming. A really intentional SEO strategy can take hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to achieve or maintain. And the industry is full of big promises and scammy providers.

I primarily offer foundational SEO — making sure your site is set up well to be crawled and indexed by Google, clicked on by people who see you in search, and navigated well by people who land on your website. I offer done-for-you foundational SEO setup work as well as consulting and ongoing monthly SEO/content work to improve your SEO over time.

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My SEO Philosophy

If your website is made to serve humans, it will perform better in search. Search engines try to mimic human behavior so they can point people to the things they’re looking for.

If you want to learn, you should. If you don’t, you should outsource SEO work to a reputable professional. Unless you’re excited about learning, don’t try to keep up with the ever-changing SEO landscape.

Technology is always changing. Google is constantly changing its algorithm. A human-driven approach tends to be the best tactic for long-term SEO success.

SEO takes an initial investment of time and money, but it’s possible that SEM as a whole is what you’re looking for (including Google Ads/PPC). That’s not a service I offer but I know folks who do.

SEO Services


SEO-Focused Website Audit

I offer website audits for small business owners, and we can focus exclusively on SEO in a website audit so you know where your website stands.

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Foundational SEO Website Update

All foundational SEO projects start with the website audit above so we know what shape your website is in. Prices and scope of work vary greatly based on how big your site is, whether you’ve had SEO work done, and what your goals are. Sometimes this checks the “SEO box” well enough, but we can chat about deeper SEO work options too. If you “want SEO done on your site,” this option is probably what you’re envisioning.

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$300 / $500 / $700/month

Ongoing SEO Work

I wish SEO could be one-and-done, but unfortunately search growth requires ongoing work. Even after a foundational SEO update, if you’re not doing ongoing SEO work and your competitors are, you won’t maintain your position. I offer a variety of options and a menu style approach to ongoing SEO so you have the best chance of success.



SEO Consulting

If you want to learn about SEO and/or handle some of your website’s SEO work on your own, I offer consulting to train website owners on what to pay attention and do for the most SEO impact.

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Referral Partners

SEO Strategy, Keyword Research, & Implementation

If you’ve already had SEO work done on your website, have a large budget, and are ready to take things to the next level, I have a couple of great SEO partners I refer clients to. I’m happy to connect you with them, and I can guarantee they know what they’re doing and are worth the money! No need to weed through SEO providers on your own.

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There’s no time like today.

SEO work is slow to take effect (usually 4-6 months before you see any changes), so planning ahead is key. Want to learn more? Check out my blog post on 8 SEO Best Practices for Small Businesses. You’re also welcome to subscribe to my monthly email newsletter where I share the latest on SEO news and tips for small business owners. Or let’s chat about your SEO project!