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Your Guide to Google Search Console

get to know this powerful tool

Everything you need to know about GSC (and nothing you don’t).

Google Search Console is an incredibly valuable free search monitoring tool from Google, but my clients frequently say they’re confused trying to set it up or understand the data it gives them. It’s different from Google Analytics, right? But how?

This self-paced mini-course walks you through everything a website owner needs to know about Google Search Console. It shows you how to set GSC up on a WordPress or Squarespace website, how to understand the data it gives you, and what to do about error messages. I’ve kept this course super short to give you only what you need to know and nothing you don’t.

This Google Search Console course costs $49, has 19 lessons, and takes just an hour or two to get through.

what we’ll cover

Google Search Console Guide Modules

1. What is Google Search Console and why do you need it?

Learn what Google Search Console can do for you, check if your site is indexed, and understand how Google Search Console works with Google Analytics.

2. How to set up Google Search Console

We’ll walk through setting up a GSC account and how to connect it to your WordPress or Squarespace website. Site built on another platform? I’ve included links to platform-specific instructions.

3. Understanding & using GSC data

Google Search Console gives you valuable data to help improve your SEO… if you know what you’re looking at. We’ll talk through all the data, plus what to do if you have pages that aren’t indexed.

4. What to do if you get errors

Google Search Console’s error messages and page indexing descriptions/reasons can feel confusing. You’ll learn what to do about them and when to be concerned.

5. Bonus: Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing makes up a small share of the global search engine market, but it’s still worth setting up. We’ll walk through how to set up Bing Webmaster Tools.

Who This Google Search Console Course Is For

This self-paced virtual course is made for people who built their own websites and for people who’ve worked with a website professional to build their website. It’s also a great fit for people who work at companies in any industry who want a better understanding of Google Search Console and how to use it as part of their overall SEO and marketing strategy.

You don’t need to be well-versed in tech at all to follow this course. I walk through the technical sections slowly and one step at a time. My goal with this course is to make you feel steady instead of squirrelly when you hear the term “Google Search Console.”

Course FAQs

Played at regular speed, there’s just over one hour of content. Played double speed (my preference), you’ll only need about 30 minutes to get through all the videos.

If you’re following along and setting up/reviewing your Google Search Console while going through the course, I recommend setting aside a few hours, ideally in 1-2 hour chunks over a couple days.

Yes! Google Search Console is a must-have tool for any website looking to improve their SEO. However, so many things go into SEO that this tool alone won’t boost your rankings. It gives you a way to monitor what’s happening with your site in a search sense and check out what technical/structural issues might be happening on your site that are harming you in terms of SEO.

I’ve included text write-ups of each section, so you don’t have to watch or listen to the videos.

If you have plenty of time, of course! There are tons of free blog posts and YouTube videos about Google Search Console so you can find what you need to know piece by piece. If you’re looking for a simpler solution so you can skip the Googling — and hear from a website professional who has worked with dozens of clients on GSC setup and monitoring — this course may be a good fit.

I don’t offer refunds for this mini-course since it’s a digital product delivered as soon as you purchase it. But if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please reach out and we’ll see what we can figure out.

You’ll have access for the lifetime of this course. You’ll automatically have access to any new videos I add to the course.

Tech changes fast, so I plan to update this course as Google Search Console changes. If Google Search Console is no longer a valuable tool, I may retire this course in favor of something new, but my plan is for you to have access to this course for years to come unless something major changes.

I’d LOVE for you to spread the word about this course to anyone who might find it valuable. But you can’t share your login credentials or the videos or text I share in the course with anyone else. This course is priced for individual use. If you have a group or team that you’d like to all have access to the course, email me and I’m happy to work out a group discount.

I’m often available to answer quick questions by email, and if you need more support, I offer hourly consulting to answer any bigger questions you have. People who’ve bought this course get a 10% discount on my current hourly rate.

My clients tell me often that they appreciate the way I break down complicated things into terms they easily understand. I’ve been told my speaking and writing is very approachable and easy to consume.

I’m fully self-taught — I learned the things I’m teaching you just a few years ago, so I keep my beginner-self top of mind with every course, blog post or resource I create.

I hear often that Google Search Console confuses people, whether it’s the setup or knowing what to do with it or how to handle error messages. I work with a lot of people who are DIYing their website and their SEO efforts, and they don’t have a trusted website expert to ask these questions to.

This course aims to help DIYers as well as people who’ve worked with a website professional, plus employees of bigger businesses that need a better baseline understanding of this tool.

Dreading learning this stuff?

I get it! If that’s the case, this course may not be for you. I can set up and monitor your Google Search Console so you don’t have to worry about it.

“I am a web designer and developer and found it extremely helpful. Google Search Console is an essential piece of the website puzzle, and I learned a lot of new “stuff” in this short, easy-to-follow course. I learned a few more of the basics and confirmed that some of the things I’m already doing are indeed being correctly done.”

Stefani, Exhale Design Co.