Ongoing SEO Work

SEO requires ongoing work.

I wish SEO could be a one-time fix and investment, but to move up in the ranks and keep up with your competition, ongoing SEO work is a must.

Many big SEO companies will do the same things for you month after month. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, but you’re often one of hundreds of thousands of clients for them and don’t get any individual attention.

With my ongoing SEO work packages, you’ll get personal attention on your site every month, and you can keep your investment low and see how things go before diving in deeper with SEO work.

SEO Monthly Retainer Options

Each option includes a quarterly review of your Google Search Console data and any other analytics tools you have set up. These packages are set up on an ongoing basis, but you’re welcome to stop or pause (or change your number of tasks) anytime with 30 days notice.

3 tasks


5 tasks


10 tasks


The Task Menu

There are so many things that go into SEO. These are some of the most common tasks I handle for clients, but there are more than I can list here. You can choose what you want to focus on or I can guide you.

  • One hour of keyword research
  • Revising a website page with SEO in mind
  • Reviewing your Google Business Profile
  • Drafting 3 posts for your Google Business Profile
  • Creating a script encouraging clients to leave reviews
  • Full SEO website audit (3 tasks)
  • Brainstorming blog post topics
  • Setting up a blog on your WordPress website (3 tasks) or Squarespace website (1 task)
  • Writing a 500-word blog post
  • Writing a 1000-word blog post (2 tasks)
  • Publishing a pre-written blog post on your website & drafting two social media posts to promote it with
  • Brainstorming backlink opportunities
  • Adding internal links throughout a brochure site (1 task) or bigger site (2+ tasks)

Ready to improve your SEO?

“Among all of the millions of ‘internet marketing and SEO’ services, Jessica stands out and I’m so glad I found her.”

– amy c., SEO client