Website Planning Workshop

Why do we need a website plan?

Many website designers do one intro call, send a quote, and get going. I get it… it’s a lot more fun to jump in, start playing around, figure things out as you go.

The downside? It doesn’t work great. I know because I jumped into a dozen+ website builds without spending the time outlining a clear plan, and we always ended up overwhelmed, confused, or redoing things we’d already done.

Plus it’s a big commitment. Talk to a website designer once, then agree to pay them several thousand dollars to build you a website… it’s a big leap of faith!

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How The Workshop Works

My Website Planning Workshop gets to the heart of what you need, makes sure we’re not leaving anything un-discussed, and delivers a website plan you can work with me on (+ an accurate quote for the build) or take to work on on your own or with another website designer if we don’t end up feeling like a good fit. All you’re committing to is the workshop — then you can decide if a bigger investment is right for you.

Over the course of 2-4 phone or video calls, we typically cover:

Your ideal client, their transformation & their FAQs

Your voice, your values, & what makes you unique

How people get to your website and what they’ll do when they get there

What pages you’ll need & how your site will be structured

Your website design inspiration and preferred design styles

What you’ll need to gather/do before the build

Workshop Pricing

The more clarity you have around your website, your ideal client, and your goals, the less deep we’ll have to go in the planning process. We’ll discuss this in a few initial emails or on a 20-minute initial call. Typical pricing for this workshop is $700-1,000.

A note to keep in mind: other website designers charge you for planning and strategizing too, they just include it in their total price. This workshop pricing is a part of your total investment with any of my website packages, not an additional cost.

Ready to get started?

Jessica attentively listens to her clients, asks questions which get to the heart of your business, and delivers incredible results that honor your goals.”

– justine, consulting client