Next Availability: October 2024

Website Design for High Country Peace Village

Squarespace Website Design + Branding + Email Marketing Platform Setup

High Country Peace Village is a new kids program outside my hometown of Boone, N.C. It’s a program I wish I’d had when I was growing up in Watauga County. The planning team is made up of reps from various churches with the administration done by the High Country United Church of Christ, whom I built a Squarespace website for last year.

Planning the website & picking a platform

Tamara, the leader, came to me with a hand-painted logo for the program and some brief thoughts on colors she wanted used on the website. Since she was already familiar with Squarespace and how easy it is to use, we decided to build this site on Squarespace too. We planned out the website based on Tamara’s goals and the site’s ideal “client” (kids going to camp and their parents/guardians, plus potential financial supporters).

Branding & building

We settled on Google’s Nunito font, a “simple sans serif with a friendly flare”, for both headings and paragraphs. I created a color palette using Tamara’s suggested colors and the colorways in the hand-painted logo, making sure that colors met website accessibility standards (and would be easy for all website visitors to read).

Tamara provided content for the site, I provided light copyediting as I added the text in, and we built out the site. We worked out the registration side of their programs using a combination of forms and Squarespace e-commerce so they could still be involved in registration but have as much of it be hands-off as possible.


Tying up loose ends & launching

We set up on-page SEO details, tested everything, set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics, and launched the site. I still provide a website owner’s manual for Squarespace websites even though there’s much less to worry about with a Squarespace website. I trained Tamara on using the website, and she’s now equipped to handle the website on her own and to train other High Country Peace Village leaders on how to use and manage the site as needed.

Business impact: Tamara was running all High Country Peace Village marketing through the High Country UCC channels, meaning it was mixed in with all their other updates. Now there’s a dedicated place for current and potential Peace Village attendees to get all their info, and it’s a more tidy separation for Tamara. She was also managing all registration manually, and with this website registration system set up, Tamara is able to be far more hands-off, and the process doesn’t rely on one person doing it all.

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