Next Availability: August 2024

Website Design for Highland Property Management

Highland Property Management & Consulting Services (HPM&CS) is a family-run property management company in Mammoth Lakes. In a market that is saturated with both local and national companies, HPM&CS stands out as a company with a lot of heart and dedication.

The Hernandez family recently took over the business after working for its previous owner. The prior company didn’t have a website, and new owner Elizabeth Hernandez knew her growing company would benefit from a good website presence.

This was a simple, efficient, and fun project from start to finish. We opted to jump right into the build instead of doing a website planning workshop — an option for straightforward websites for businesses with a lot of clarity on what they need — and were able to create a plan and start the build quickly.

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We built the website around Highland Property Management’s existing logo choosing a warm and fairly modern serif font and pairing it with a simple sans serif font that’s easy to read and skim. We used variations of the browns and blues in the company’s logo making sure that these colors worked well together and provided good color contrast for easy readability.

We worked together on collaborative copywriting too. When writing copy, I interview clients to get to the heart of their business and what makes them unique, then I make sure it’s optimized for the web and SEO-friendly. I always encourage clients to edit my copywriting to make sure it sounds like their voice and their values.

We set up the full suite of privacy policies with Termageddon* so website visitors know they’re in good hands and can easily understand if and how their data is being gathered, used, and shared.

We kept things simple in this standard 5-page site. We built an About page, a Services page, a Careers page, and a Contact page. On the Careers page we included a job application form. On WordPress, special care needs to be taken to make sure website form submissions arrive in the business owner’s inbox. Occasionally plugin conflicts happen or connections break and form submissions don’t make it through to the inbox. This isn’t an issue with Squarespace, so this company can rest assured that job applications and contact forms will reliably and quickly make it to them.

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There are pros and cons to building on Squarespace, but for this kind of website it’s a great tool that can be easily managed by the client going forward. I enjoy working with Squarespace clients on website updates and changes anytime they need, but I don’t require them to be on an ongoing maintenance plan because Squarespace is really reliable on its own and doesn’t need risky software updates made.

If you’re looking for a property management company in Mammoth or just want to get a feel for this lovely company, check out Highland Property Management & Consulting Services.

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