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Website Design for The SMC Dietitian

I had the pleasure of working with Toni Jacalone, The SMC Dietitian, twice! I built a simple WordPress website for her when she was just beginning her practice as Be The Change Nutrition.

The next year, she rebranded with a new business name and a new beautiful brand by Patrice Horvath, so we did a website refresh to apply her new branding and update a few details so the site felt aligned with her new look. The structure of the site stayed the same, so the refresh was quick and easy.

Making a Plan for the Website Refresh

A mockup of The SMC Dietitian's website on a Mac laptop with a pencil holder on the left and a plant on the right

In our initial website build process, we talked through the plan and strategy for Toni’s simple brochure website. The site needed to introduce people to Toni, show them they could trust her, share her expertise, and guide people to schedule a call with her if they felt like she was a good fit.

All we had to exchange for the website refresh were the brand assets — the brand guidelines, fonts, colors, and logo files.

A Big Picture Look at the Website Design

A key part of this update was changing the site colors, fonts and logos, but I also took a big picture view of the website and adjusted some other design features to fit better with the new brand.

We changed button styles, the shapes used to separate sections, the testimonial style, and the footer layout to align better with the brand. We also added an accent header text style to provide more visual interest.

Toni reviewed the site and provided feedback, I updated the site and made sure all the loose ends were tied up, and we set up a redirect from her old URL to her new URL to make sure all of her existing traffic/search reputation made it to the new website.

We made sure Google Analytics and Google Search Console were properly set up on the new site, and I handed the keys back to Toni to manage the site on her own from there.

The Final Product

A mockup of The SMC Dietitian's website on a mobile phone showing a photo of Toni and her "about me" info

Toni’s new website portrays her unique brand and offerings far better than her old site did. People get an immediate sense of her bright, fun, and knowledgeable personality, and her eagerness to help people become healthier, feel better, and accomplish their goals and dreams. The current look is much more modern and professional.

Working with a brand designer to have a logo and full brand guidelines created can greatly speed up the website design process. The value of this can’t be overstated. If you have the budget, working with a trusted brand designer is one of the best things you can do for your business.

If you’re looking for a dietitian, particularly if you’re approaching pregnancy or trying to become a single mother by choice, check out Toni’s services.

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