Next Availability: August 2024

Website Design for Triad/Holmes Associates

A mockup of Triad/Holmes Associates' website on a cell phone with a latte in the background

Triad/Holmes Associates’ previous website was at least a decade old when they contacted me. It was built in the very old days of website design, and there wasn’t much we wanted or needed to carry over to the new site.

Triad/Holmes Associates (THA) is a thriving & busy land surveying and civil engineering firm, but their website didn’t reflect that, and it didn’t have a strong focus on where they worked.

A mockup of Triad/Holmes Associates' website showing the locations they work with photos in the background

THA had two main goals for their website: give a positive impression of their business & be super easy for their staff to manage in-house. Since their website wouldn’t be updated often, they wanted to avoid having to rely on an expensive website developer to make changes, and they didn’t want to worry about security, software updates, or plugin conflicts breaking their site. And their design needs were really straightforward, so Squarespace was the perfect fit.

A mockup of Triad/Holmes Associates' website on a Mac laptop in front of a concrete wall

We built the new site on Squarespace and applied their existing branding (logo, fonts, and colors). Their target market, service offerings, and business model hadn’t changed enough to warrant any rebranding. We worked collaboratively for several weeks updating and filling in content, making sure the site was set up well with foundational SEO work, and launching the new site, sending their new site into oblivion, happily never to be seen again.

With Squarespace, THA can easily edit anything on the site without hiring an outside developer. If they have any issues, Squarespace support is always available. The website is fully mobile-responsive (something their old site lacked!) and serving their website visitors far better than their old site did.

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