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How & Why You Should Repurpose Your Content

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Creating content is stressful and time-consuming for many of the businesses I work with. Between social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts, and answering customer emails, it can feel like you’re creating content all the time.

Not every piece of content can be repurposed into something else, but a lot of them can! And this can make your content-creating time so much more impactful. Coming up with ideas for content is often the hardest part of the process, so it’s worth making that energy go farther if you can. Here are some ideas to start with.

If you love writing blog posts…

Create a few social media posts for each platform you use teasing that blog post. Post one now, then schedule out the others for a month or two from now if your blog content is evergreen (not date/time-sensitive). It may feel like overkill, but very few people see all of a business’s social media posts, so it doesn’t hurt to do several social media posts for each blog post.

I use ChatGPT to help write these social media posts. I copy/paste in the blog text, ask it to generate a few social media posts, then edit what it gives me and schedule the posts out.

You can also create an audio version of your blog post. I think it’s powerful to have the audio in your own voice, but there are AI tools out there now that will create audio versions of text. You don’t have to fully create a podcast, but a simple embedded audio player at the top of a post gives people another way to consume your content.

If you’re podcasting or creating educational content on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram Reels…

This content is great to turn into a blog post. If you’re podcasting, you can create an outline of the show content that encourages people to listen to the podcast. You can also post a full transcript of the episode on your podcast audio page.

Search engines can’t read content in audio or video form, so uploading a text version to your website can be really helpful for SEO. In general, the more high-quality text you have on your website about your industry/type of work, the better for search.

This is also helpful from an accessibility standpoint. For people who can’t or don’t want to listen to audio or watch videos, this provides a way for them to consume what you’ve created. It’s also nice for people who’ve already listened to your audio or video and want to go back and find a certain section they like or want to share.

If you’re answering the same questions for customers over and over…

Frequently asked questions make great blog content. If you’re answering a question repeatedly on email, on phone calls, or in person, make a note of those questions. When you have time, write a blog post answering that question (or copy/paste the text from your email response) and post it to your blog.

You can use ChatGPT to help you turn an email response to a customer into a blog post. Then you can create social media posts teasing the blog content to promote the blog post. You could also create a short TikTok or Instagram Reel or Story using snippets of this FAQ content.

If you’re sharing your work or portfolio on one platform, share it on others…

You might be in the routine of sharing a case study, testimonial, or portfolio piece as a quick Instagram Story, but how much more work would it take to turn it into a portfolio or case study piece on your website? Do you have an easy system for getting these on your website?

If not, it could be helpful to create one. I love creating systems like this on WordPress using custom post types so clients just have to fill in the blanks (almost like a questionnaire) to get new pieces added to their portfolio or work section.

It’s worth the bit of extra effort it takes to make your content go even farther. You’ll likely reach a bigger audience, build deeper relationships with your followers, and make Google see your website more favorably in the process.


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