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Blog & Content Writing

A beautiful website is only as good as its content.

Content (meaning all the words & images on your website) shows your potential customers who you are and gives you a chance to serve them. By showing up on your website and helping your potential customers navigate their challenges, you earn their trust and affection. The bonus of great content and blog writing is that it can benefit your site’s SEO.

My Blog & Content Writing Philosophy

  • Some up-front planning is required. Content should be catered to your ideal client persona(s) to be most effective. A mini or full marketing strategy will help achieve this.
  • Simple is best. I write blog posts in an easily-digestible, conversational style. No flowery, complex language around here.
  • Your blog and website content should show off your brand voice. Having someone else’s voice on a guest blog post can be great, but your blog posts and website pages should reflect the way your brand feels overall. With the right copywriter, the words will sound like they’re yours.
  • There’s always room for a call to action. You should always give your readers a next step.

Blog & Content Writing Services & Pricing

Blog Writing & Blog Program Planning

I work on a post-by-post or ongoing basis writing blog posts with companies, brands and individuals. Pricing starts at $200 per blog post and depends on the scope of the piece. I also work with businesses on planning out blog programs (content types, frequency, SEO, etc.)

Website Content Audit & Strategy

If your website overall needs a review, I can do an audit focused on the content (rather than the design) and come up with a comprehensive content strategy for you to use going forward. Prices vary based on the scope of your website and needs, but they start at $750.

Page-By-Page Copywriting

If you just need a page or a few pages rewritten to better connect with your customers, we can take a page by page approach. If you already have a marketing plan and a good sense of your ideal client, this could be a good option.

Blog/Content Consulting

Just want to talk through some thoughts and questions? I offer marketing consulting on an hourly basis. If you’re located in Mono County, Inyo County or Kern County, I offer consulting for free!

Blog & Website Content Work Samples

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