Next Availability: August 2024

Website Help Call

Don’t get stuck, get help through it.

Ever wish you could just phone a trusted website friend to make sure you’re going in the right direction? Or to walk you through something you’re stuck on when building your own website?

I offer one-hour ask-me-anything calls for website owners who just need a little bit of help. For these calls, there’s no pre-call preparation or strategy work, we’re just talking in real time through your issues and questions.

For most questions, I can answer or guide you during our call, but if there’s anything I need to do more research on, we can make a plan for that and quote it out if needed. Most of the time one quick follow-up email covers anything we get stuck on.

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How a Website Help Call Works

This one-hour ask-me-anything style call is $150 and is paid when you book the call.

You make a list of the website things you’re stuck on, frustrated by, etc.

You schedule the call with me (and check out via Calendly).

We do a 60-minute Google Meet or phone call together.

If there are any lingering questions, I’ll send a quick follow-up email with updates.

Ready for some help?

“Jessica is professional, knowledgeable, flexible, and really listened and meaningfully considered what I was trying to accomplish.”

– amy, consulting client