Website Help Call

Don’t get stuck, get help through it.

Ever wish you could just phone a trusted website friend to make sure you’re going in the right direction? Or to walk you through something you’re stuck on when building your own website?

I offer one-hour ask-me-anything calls for website owners who just need a little bit of help. For these calls, there’s no pre-call preparation or strategy work, we’re just talking in real time through your issues and questions.

For most questions, I can answer or guide you during our call, but if there’s anything I need to do more research on, we can make a plan for that and quote it out if needed. Most of the time one quick follow-up email covers anything we get stuck on.

How a Website Help Call Works

This one-hour ask-me-anything style call is priced at $125 and must be paid when you book the call.

You make a list of the website things you’re stuck on, frustrated by, etc.

You schedule the call with me (and check out via Calendly)

We do a 60-minute Google Meet or phone call together

If there are any lingering questions, I’ll send a quick follow-up email with updates

Ready for some help?

Jessica attentively listens to her clients, asks questions which get to the heart of your business, and delivers incredible results that honor your goals.

– justine, consulting client