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Recommended Tools, Software & Products

Website Hosts

$30+ per month has been my dream WordPress host since I discovered them. Their 24/7 chat support is always willing to go the extra mile to help and troubleshoot issues. I frequently talk to the same dev I talked to the time before, making it feel like their team is in my corner.

They organize their features into “easy, fast, and secure,” and I’ve found each of those claims to be true. They’re what I wish every WordPress hosting company was like. If you want more of the why/how, listen to this interview with founder Ben Gabler.

$15+ per month


I’ve always had good experiences with Siteground, so it’s my choice among the budget hosts. You’ll get a cheap rate for your first year. To get good page load times, you’ll need to bump up to the $25/month plan, and at that point I say go with

$12+ Per month


Did you know servers that power the internet use a ton of energy? GreenGeeks is the only self-proclaimed green web host I’ve found. They’re a budget host otherwise (with a cheap intro rate) but can work well for small sites.

Website Policy Generators

$12 per month / $119 per year


Termageddon feels too good to be true, but it’s real! Hans (a former web agency owner), Donata (a privacy-focused attorney), and Ricky (customer service extraordinaire) make up the Termageddon dream team. They’ll walk you through policy setup for FREE (!) and I recommend this privacy policy generator to every website client I work with. The cost includes your privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimer, and cookie policy.

Other policy generators are free but as soon as you have a contact form, email newsletter signup, or Google Analytics on your website, they’ll tell you you’ll have to pay for/upgrade the policy. Read more about Termageddon.

Website Analytics


Fathom Analytics

I love Fathom Analytics, but I know not every business can take on extra monthly costs. If you can, Fathom is my top recommendation!


Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been the industry standard for so long, but I find GA4 clunky and hard to use. Still, depending on your needs, it may be the best fit.



Piwik PRO

If your website doesn’t get tons of traffic, and neither GA nor Fathom is the right fit for you, Piwik PRO is my favorite free offering. It’s a bit tricky and confusing though.

Website Platforms

Free (ish)