Website Design for Mammoth Real Estate Blog

Marketing Plan, Squarespace Website Design + E-Commerce, Ongoing Maintenance

Paul Oster has run the Mammoth Real Estate Blog for years, and he was ready for a website overhaul. The site’s content was in good shape (robust blog posts shared several times a month), but it had a dated look, no consistent branding, and unclear/cluttered calls to action.

Additionally, Paul was running another site for his real estate business, but this site had little traffic and a totally different brand. It wasn’t clear that Paul owned and ran both sites.

We started where I start with most clients: creating a brief marketing plan/framework to determine his ideal client, brand voice, and website goals.

Through this planning process, we determined establishing a brand for the blog and his popular bi-weekly email newsletter was a step we wanted to work with a professional graphic/brand designer on.

While I built Paul’s website, Mammoth Lakes Creative worked with Paul and I to define the visual brand, create a new logo, and choose a color palette to bring the Mammoth Real Estate Blog to life.

I implemented the new branding and finalized the design to launch quickly. For businesses with outdated websites (especially those with a poor user experience), I recommend launching ASAP and then continuing to work on new features or other details post-launch.

A mockup of the Mammoth Real Estate Blog's home page on a cell phone with a pen and notebook on the left and a plant on the right

After launching, we transferred and redirected all content from his other site so all potential clients and readers landed on the new Mammoth Real Estate Blog website and knew they were in the right place.

Business impact: Year over year, users, sessions, and pageviews on the site are all up 50-100%. Post-launch, average session duration went up 19%, bounce rate went down 9%, and pages per session went up 30%. Paul is busier than he’s ever been, has been growing his email newsletter subscriber list, and often hears positive comments from his blog readers (who often become clients).

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The ongoing process has been fantastic. Don’t expect it done overnight. Websites don’t come together this way. It is a process and Jessica has a great feel for the process.

– Paul Oster