Basic Website Build + Copywriting

A website is only as strong as its content.

It can be hard to tell your own story, much less tell that story in a way that’s optimized for the web and speaks clearly to your ideal client.

Your website copy affects your website users’ experience as well as how you rank in search. This option takes out the headache of trying to write your story in a way that sounds like you… but isn’t too salesy… but is just salesy enough… but is authentic and also not too wordy.

Avoid the feeling of opening a blank Word document and watching the cursor blink while you wait for the words to come. Many clients find the copywriting add-on extremely valuable because it gives them language and a shape for their business. The copy we write together can be used in other marketing materials and can lend to a higher level of professionalism. It takes energy to tell a good story, but this work pays off. It allows your website to do the heavy lifting for you.

How It Works

  • We’ll start with an initial onboarding meeting to discuss your business, your ideal client, and your website goals.
  • We’ll pick a platform to build your site on (usually Squarespace or WordPress) and we’ll discuss pricing and maintenance.
  • I’ll ask you to share a couple pieces of inspiration about the way you’d like to talk about your business — this could be a social media profile, another business you look up to, etc.
  • We’ll work together to create a rough sketch for your site, then we’ll choose a template to start building from.
  • We’ll determine what pages your site will need, and I’ll draft initial copy for each of those pages.
  • You’ll provide images, fonts, and colors for the site. If you don’t have fonts or colors picked out, I can share insight on how to choose them, or we can leave the fonts and colors from the template.
  • We’ll work collaboratively to refine the copy and make sure it fits your brand, then I’ll optimize it based on SEO best practices.
  • I’ll build out your home page and up to five interior pages (plus an interior page template for you to create more), then I’ll show you how to edit the site and share some best practices.
  • We’ll make any final tweaks to the copy and I’ll add it into the site. I’ll launch the site and hand you the keys.


I quote every project individually since every business owner has different needs, but my basic website build + copywriting starts at $2,500 paid over two or four payments.

Not quite the right option for you? Contact me to get a quote for your specific situation.

P.O. Box 7432
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
(828) 406-2990

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